lundi 13 août 2007

Squirt It!

SQUIRTING - the how to guide (part 1)
First let's talk a bit about what squirting really is. Squirting, A.K.A. Female Ejaculation is a fluid that comes out of the same hole that pee does. It IS NOT pee however. Once a girl knows how to squirt, and after some practice, she can usually squirt anywhere from a few drops, to cups of it. This doesn't just happen once during play either, a girl can squirt and squirt and squirt several times!

4e essai:

Homme: Ah ben... on dirait que cette fois-ci c'était vraiment de la pisse hein?

Femme: ...

Homme: Notre premier Golden Shower...

SQUIRTING - the how to guide (part 2)

The first and most important thing that both men and women need to know about squirting is the feeling. During sex, or foreplay of any kind, most women usually don't get the urge to pee (unless you are into that too ) A women's brain will block that peeing sensation. When a girl squirts it is that same feeling, so a girl won't or may not be able to squirt because she doesn't feel it. (Though many times the girl will have to pee a lot after sex - largely due to the female ejaculation fluids) What does all this mean? Well I'll tell you. As I have said unless you are into that, a girl doesn't want to pee on her partner. The girl doesn't realize that it isn't pee, it's something else. The first and most difficult step for a women is to remember that it isn't pee, be comfortable with that feeling, and remain calm and relaxed.

Guys, if you want your partner to squirt you should talk to her and tell her that you are into that (basically do whatever you can to make her feel comfortable with the feeling)

12e essai:

Homme: Non non! Sent toi pas mal... c'est correct... j'aime quasiment ça... me faire... pisser dessus...

Femme: J'vais changer les draps...

SQUIRTING - the how to guide (part 3)
Okay next steps, which are the easier ones. All I have to say is practice practice practice. (do I have to say it again? it's fun to do) Now girls can do this alone, or with their partners, but you need to have the woman lie down or sit, or get comfy. Now take one finger and rub the clit. while doing that stick two fingers into the vagina. Rub those fingers around the g-spot area. actually in front of the g-spot it where you want to focus. rub your fingers there while pushing on it. That is where the fluids are during this time. Remember while doing this you still have to rub the clit. When starting out, both clit and vagina stimulation is best.

During the first few times the woman (or you if you are reading this for yourself) will have to push it out a little, kinda force it to go. This is because she is still in the process of getting comfortable with it and has to train the brain to understand that it is something that is okay to do.

27e essai:

Homme: Stu ça?

Femme: Non.

Homme: Là?

Femme: Non plus.

Homme: Ben aide moi donc sti! Ils disent qui faut que tu le ressorte un peu.

Femme: J'sais même pas QUOI ressortir!!

Homme: ...

Femme: Attends! Attends! Peut-Être! JE...

Homme: ... pisse. C'est trop jaune pour être une éjaculation...

Femme: J'vais changer les draps...

SQUIRTING - the how to guide (part 4)
Okay so the woman pushes and pushes and finally it comes out! A little drizzle, not enough to call anything. This may happen to you, or you may erupt like old faithful. Either way is good! When I started out, it was just a little drizzle, and was most unimpressive, but here is where the practice comes back in. Keep working at it. After a while the drops will turn into a flow, and then you can work on squirting and aiming and getting distance and spraying and all the other fun stuff!!!

So to recap, the most important things are
*staying relaxed and understanding female ejaculation
*being okay with feeling like you have to pee
*Practice practice practice!!!

Have fun and be prepared for a good soaking

341e essai:

Homme: Oh! Wow t'as vu ça!? Ça fait un p'ti 'Fwit' toute cute!

Femme: Ahhh... J'en veux d'autreeeeees!


Morale: Pour une meilleure rétention d'eau, rajouter un peu de sel dans vos boissons.

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