samedi 3 mars 2007


I lost my faith in trying
So what's the point in lying now
I'll stop pretending that I'm strong
And cry it all out in this song

Calmly, I'll just walk away
Softly, I'll just fade away
And just before I drown away
I simply have to say

You asked me now just how I felt
So here I go without regrets
I'm truly tired of this I
So let it go where no one knows

Swallowed by my own calamity
I'm lost in perfect misery
Oh I know it's not that bad
Well maybe I'm just sad

Fuck it, I can't take it
Something's missing, so frustrating
Fuck it, I can't take it
Something's off, so won't you please just fuck off


4 commentaires:

An a dit...

Chanson ou réflexions ?? Je sais que c'est classé dans «Réflexions», mais...

Amélie a dit...

Oups, an c'est amé, trop vite sur la souris...

Razberry a dit...

Me semble que le titre a changé :)

SP4M a dit...

Le titre a change car j'ai eu une idee soudaine pour une nouvelle compos.